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With the constantly increasing price of tungsten carbide the regrinding of tools has become increasingly important particularly on larger diameter tools. Whether you require and end only or fully reground tool we will tailor our service and cost to suit your particular need. Tools can be fully reground and also recoated with the new diameter laser marked on the shank to help when setting machine tool compensation.

We are able to regrind slot drills, endmills, multi flute finishing tools, unequal pitch tools, drills, reamers, spot drills, rippers, taper tools, ballnose tools, countersinks and threadmills.

For prices download our regrind pricelist or ring for prices, we offer a 10% discount on the regrinding of our own tooling and discounts are also available on large batches.

Depending on your location we can also offer a pickup and drop off service on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis so as a customers you know there will always be reground tools available for use in your production cycle.

Blank Preparation

Our TruTech Revolution 3 Axis Grinding machine allows us to manufacture Blanks in most lengths and diameters ready to produce a cutting tool. Blank forms include:


  • Reamer blanks
  • Drill blanks
  • Step drill blanks
  • Tapered blanks
  • Relieved blanks
  • Ballnose blanks
  • Chamfered blanks

We can also produce punches with radius’ and chamfers as required.

Laser Etching

Laser Etching our GN Laser Marking Machine we etch all our tools with the part numbers, and for added peace of mind we can also include any further specific information required by our clients.

This service is of particular benefit to clients when it comes to reordering parts, in terms of quality control and assessment, and also for clients who wish to easily name and identify parts related to particular processes on their industry.

Centreless Grinding

We can produce ground and polished carbide and high speed steel products in either cut blanks or rod length in any diameter to a h5 or h6 tolerance.

We can also finish grind most materials including mild steel, hardened steel or stainless steel for subcontract components.